About the Ranch

The Ranch is nestled in the wind blown Loess Hills of Northeast Nebraska in a part of Nebraska known as the Outlaw Trail. Outlaws such as Jesse James, Doc Middleton, and Kid Wade roamed and hid in the hills from here to as far west as Valentine. God’s beauty surrounds us here and truly makes it a paradise for our family and cows. From our hills we look over the Missouri River valley and the South Dakota prairie.

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The Cows

We have put our focus into raising quality, healthy & happy cows. Our cattle spend majority of the year in grassy pastures, eating native grasses and resting beneath shade trees. During the winter months the cows forage on cornstalks and are supplemented with a hay and protein ration that suits their dietary needs. All Cattle are managed using holistic, regenerative, and low stress handling. Our herd is raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We also strive to run a closed herd, this has allowed us to discontinue the use of unnecessary vaccinees.

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