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Our Herd

We’re committed to nurturing high-quality, healthy cows in a happy environment, reflecting our dedication to the discerning, health-conscious foodie. Our cows graze in lush pastures, thriving on native grasses and relaxing under shade trees for the better part of the year. In the colder months, they sustain themselves on cornstalks and a tailored diet of hay and proteins that perfectly meet their nutritional requirements. Embracing holistic, regenerative agriculture and gentle handling techniques, we ensure our cattle are raised without any added hormones or antibiotics. By maintaining a closed herd, we have significantly reduced the need for vaccinations, further aligning with our mission for natural, sustainable farming.

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The Ranch

Nestled among the picturesque Loess Hills of Northeast Nebraska, our ranch is not just a home but a paradise where we cultivate health, sustainability, and a deep connection to the land. This area, known as the historic Outlaw Trail, was once the roaming grounds of Wild West legends like Jesse James, Doc Middleton, and Kid Wade. Today, the area's pristine beauty provides a tranquil haven for our family and our cattle, framed by stunning vistas of the Missouri River Valley and the vast South Dakota prairie.

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