We are a first generation, family owned, and operated ranch in northeast Nebraska.

For us ranching is not about becoming millionaires, its about honoring God, stewarding the land we love, producing a product we are proud of; all while doing work we enjoy and passing these things down to the next generation.

Our Story

For years, BJ and I (Stephanie) had prayed about raising our children in a place with faith, family, and livestock. In 2014 God presented us the blessing and opportunity to purchase our small ranch from a family friend, followed by a large group of heifers. This spurred our dreams to become reality. At that time both BJ and I were working full-time jobs in industrial construction and raising three children.

In the spring of 2016 calves were being born, work was busy as ever and we found out we were expecting our second child together, so we made the decision for me to become a full-time ranch wife and mom. While the older kids are both pursuing other interests, Ada, Rita and Ira have started building the second generation of the ranch by picking their own heifers from the herd. The hard work, love, and life lessons learned on the ranch are values we hope will reflect in our children throughout their lives.

BJ still works away from the ranch and jokes that he is only a hired hand here, but running the ranch without him would be impossible. We are now a family of Seven raising an ever-growing herd of Angus and Red Angus cattle, mules, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and whatever other critters our kids can talk us into. 

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  • B.J.

    Born and raised in Iowa and Nebraska; spent most of his youth on the farm and raising various livestock. He has traveled most of his adult life working for a mechanical contracting company, although his heart is always on the ranch and with his family. 

  • Stephanie

    Daughter of a military family, grew up in the Pacific North West. She spent many years raising all kinds of livestock including dairy cows, sheep and horses. She found herself loving the wide open spaces and slower pace of Nebraska. Now takes on the roll of Mom and ranch wife, raising kids and cows.

  • Ada

    Attends Wynot elementary. Enjoys her horse, cats and helping feed the cows, including her cow Marshmallow. 

  • Rita

    Attends Wynot elementary, enjoys horses, cows, chickens and all things with animals especially her heifers Duckie and Swan. 

  • Ira

    Attends Wynot elementary, enjoys being outside and has a love for all of the farm machinery.

  • Maria

    Graduate of Wayne High enjoys spending time with her younger siblings and helping around the ranch.

  • G.W.

    Graduate of Wayne High School, enjoys family time, hanging out with his friends, participating in community theater and is a very hard worker.

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